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Culmination Requirements

Participation in the graduation exercises and 8th grade activities at Sutter Middle School is a privilege for students who have also demonstrated good citizenship (Work Habits), and good character (Cooperation). They have earned enough credits for a diploma in June and have met additional requirements including the following:

  • All courses in the 8th grade year must be passed with a grade of "D" or higher

  • No more than 2 U's in Work Habits for the 8th grade year

  • No more than 2 U's in Cooperation for the 8th grade year

  • No infractions of the Student Code of Conduct (Any suspension may jeopardize participation in the graduation ceremony.)

  • No outstanding school debts (books, school/library fines, detentions, and/or uniforms)

Students who have earned a diploma and are not eligible to receive it at the ceremony may pick them up on the last week of June.