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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Sutter STEAM Magnet?

We offer a rigorous academic program.

We are a Verizon Innovative Learning National Demonstration Site

Sutter Middle School is proud to announce our selection as one of 6 middle schools nationwide to be selected as National Demonstration Site.

Congratulations to our faculty, staff members, and students who shared their best technology-leveraged instructional practices during the rigorous grant application process. Sutter is excited to be in partnership with Verizon in creating innovative learning!

Every Sutter Middle School student receives a FREE 9.7 inch iPad with 30 Gigs of LTE data!

Linked Learning Engineering Academy

The LAUSD Linked Learning initiative is transforming middle school into a personally relevant and engaging experience by bringing together

  • strong academics

  • demanding career technical education

  • real-world experience

  • integrated student support systems

to help students gain an advantage in high school, in post-secondary education, and in their future careers. Linked Learning exposes students to previously unimagined college and career opportunities.

Coursework is focused on project-based learning with technology integration

Our students will be able to use their knowledge of different subjects to create viable solutions for real world problems. They will learn to think independently and work collaboratively with others.

Students will have hands on experiences through project-based learning and technology to solve problems in a holistic way. They will use technology as a tool to develop and promote their projects.

Our Maker Space inspires creativity and innovation!

A Makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools (, 2018). Our Makerspace is an elective course offered to our magnet students. Currently, our makerspace features two 3-D printers, a STEAM lab, workspace with workshop tools, and much more!

We offer Accelerated Math Pathways

Accelerated Pathway and Highly Accelerated Pathway

Students completing grade six who demonstrate advanced skills in mathematics may be eligible for placement into the Accelerated Mathematics Pathway beginning in grade seven, or into the Highly Accelerated Mathematics Pathway beginning in grade six.  Both of these pathways aim to advance math students who show strong mathematics conceptual understanding, knowledge of procedural skills, fluency, and ability to apply mathematics in a real world context.

Ms. Lamkie and her leadership class won the 2018 Silver Leadership School award for their year long community service project. They were recognized by the City Council for their efforts.

Our award winning band after another amazing performance!

Our clubs are fun and teach students important leadership skills

Sutter Student Tech Team

​Our Sutter Student Tech Team consists of twenty-five 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who serve as important leaders at our school. The Tech Team provides technical and user support at our school. In addition to completing IT courses and Mouse Curriculum, our Tech Team participates in team building activities. They build troubleshooting skills and develop routines and professional communication.

Kind Club is a girls only club at our school. Currently, we have about one hundred members who meet on a weekly basis. In addition to making our campus a kinder place, our members learn important social and life skills. In 2018, our girls won first place at the Girls Build LA challenge. Students won scholarships and other prizes. Currently, about 30 of our magnet students are Kind Club members. They participate in activities that help them better themselves and their community.

2017-2018 Girls Build LA Team

Clubs offered at Sutter:

  • Anime Club

  • Board Game Club

  • Dance Club

  • Kind Club

  • Video Game Club

  • Mythology Club

  • Art Club

  • Sports Club

  • Lunch Bunch Literary Club

  • Lounge Club

  • Student Tech Team

  • Battle of the Books Club

  • Color Guard Club

  • GSA Club

  • Drama Club

We have the best after school program!

​Youth Services provides a free after school program for all students daily from 2:45-6:00 p.m. daily. A hot supper meal is provided. Seasonal sports, dance, music, robotics, and academic tutoring available.

Our 2017-18 Girls Soccer Team won the City Championship!